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A colorful infographic with the title: "7 Ways to Promote Your Event" 1. Pick a Theme: Designating a theme or tagline for your event can generate enthusiasm and create engagement. 2. Create a Website: Your event's website is the first step in marketing your event and serves as the hub for all other promotions. 3. Send a Press Release: Public relations remains a top way to spread the word about your event. 4. Put it in your Email Signature: Promote your event with every email your organization sends. 5. Stay in Touch: At key points throughout your pre-event timeline, communicate directly with your audience through email. 6. Be Social: Your social media calendar should include key messages at critical points along the pre-event timeline. 7. Advertise: Reach highly targeted audiences across the web with personalized ads that drive them to register for the event. Bottom text reads: "Need help getting started? Reach out to the AOE Team today!"
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