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Five Tips for Using Listicles in Your Marketing

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With readers’ attention spans getting shorter, an increasingly popular way of delivering written content is to break it down into a listicle (listicle = list + article). Listicles, with their numbered or bulleted format, present information in a hierarchical way and are easy for readers to quickly digest.People like listicles because they offer a distillation of the most important points from a larger body of work. To this end, the reader must have confidence that the larger body of work i...
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Storytelling through video

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As I travel around the country visiting clients to discuss 2019 marketing plans, a common tactic that is presented is videos, specifically short format (less than four minutes). Many want to ramp up their existing video efforts, while others simply want to start, yet are nervous. Although the stats have been shared in this space numerous times before to validate the necessity of incorporating video, I recognize that it can be a daunting task. Recognizing the importance of sharing the latest tren...
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Regardless of your area of study in school or title in your current position, we are all marketers.

Today’s global economy, high-tech business world and ever-changing business environment littered with buzzwords mandate a lifelong journey of education. As experts in marketing, communication, public relations and technical writing, the AOE Team is dedicated to helping you better hone your craft and serve your organization. Through industry workshops and seminars, columns in a variety of trade publications and other educational resources, we offer a variety of educational venues to assist you in your short- and long-term marketing objectives.