Hashtags: What can you use them for?

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In the world of social media, hashtags have become a popular addition to many a tweet. From hashtags using common phrases (some funny in nature) to industry trends or frequently used terms (such as #concrete), the possibilities are endless. But the real question still remains on the minds of folks in the AEC industry … what can I use these for?

First, let’s define what a hashtag is: a word or phrase that starts with the # symbol and omits any spaces or punctuation. Used on Twitter, hashtags allow you to participate in global conversations and search for key terms. For instance, a common practice is to search for a hashtag on Twitter to build your network and follow people of similar interests.

Now, how do you use them? One of the ways to implement hashtags in your Twitter posts is to use a tradeshow hashtag such as #worldofconcrete (World of Concrete tradeshow). This type of hashtag use will show folks where they can find you during the event, while building a dialogue with attendees and potential customers. Another example is to pull keywords from your company website. With the constant evolving Google SEO changes, hashtags are becoming more relevant to track where the conversations are happening and how folks are getting there. Start by using a tagline, product name or commonly used industry term or technique on your Twitter page. Be consistent and include this hashtag often for maximum exposure. Search for your hashtag in Twitter and see who is using it, how often and in what context. This is a great tool and it is free to use – all it takes it a little time and effort to measure success.

What are some of your hashtag best practices? How do you track success? Share your thoughts – we are always interested in learning more from our audience. Contact us for more information on how you can implement these in your social media program. Want to learn more about hashtags and where the trend is heading? Here are some good resources to check out: Keywords, and #Hashtags, and Hummingbird! Oh my! - searchenginewatch.com Will hashtags replace keywords? – webdesignerdepot.com

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