Promoting an Event? Consider Blogging About It.

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Using flyers and announcements or buying ad space in order to spread awareness of your event is a tried and true way to increase its visibility and boost attendance, but why stop there? Supporting your advertising strategy with blogging can propagate a solid understanding of what your event is all about and enhance its level of professionalism.

A blog site will provide a go-to place for anyone who is searching online for information about your event. Having a well-designed page with informative content will not only effectively convey subject matter, but will create a polished, professional image of your overall endeavor. There are several blogging tools available, but the most popular one is WordPress. You can go to WordPress.com, quickly set up an account and start blogging!

A Case Study: Blogging to Promote DesignColumbus

If you have multiple presentations at your event, or other elements that deserve an in-depth ‘preview’ in order to generate audience interest, then you’ve got plenty of ready-made material to blog about.

For example, AOE volunteers time to help promote DesignColumbus, a green building educational event and trade show held in Central Ohio each spring. DesignColumbus is co-hosted by the USGBC - Central Ohio Chapter and the Construction Specifications Institute Columbus Chapter. Show attendance increases every year; each year also sees an increase in the number of high-quality presentation ideas submitted. This success is the result of hard work on the part of many people, from the educators and exhibitors to the planning committee members. It makes sense, then, to optimize visibility of these efforts – not just on the day of the show, but all year-round.

The DesignColumbus planning committee uses a website hosted on WordPress.com as a central hub for information regarding the annual event. Regularly posted blog entries give an overview of the upcoming year’s education sessions, complete with presenter biographies and slideshows.

Blogging does more than simply promote your event. It establishes a forum where the efforts of all participants can be rewarded and feedback can be received – and this will make the event grow and continue to improve, year after year.

Want more information or specific ideas on how to blog for your event? Contact me or any member of the AOE team! To see a slideshow of this year’s DesignColumbus event and examples of our blog content, visit http://designcolumbus.org. (This article is the first in a two part series. Stay tuned next month when we see how to use social media for promoting your event.) ASHRAE and LEED with bar graph 3          Keynote Crowd 2

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