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Has your company taken the plunge into the land of social media? Do you feel you know what you are doing and the recommended best practices? Social media is constantly evolving, so here’s a few pointers to ensure you are using it to your advantage.

1. Post to more than one social media source. It’s easy to schedule postings to twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn through a scheduling site such as Hootsuite (www.hootsuite.com). You can reach different audiences by posting to a variety of social media sources. Hootsuite helps you track what you are posting where and when.

2. Keep it current. If you schedule some postings in advance, ensure the material won’t become dated. Post timely information first.

3. Have a voice. You are crafting an image as a result of your postings. Ensure your social media voice reflects your brand.

4. A general rule of thumb is your social media should be 66% original content and 33% retweets.

5. What is original content? It’s your own links and original content, such as articles and web material about your products and services.  Company outings and charity events are also good fodder for postings. Don’t forget to post your own ideas too. You want readers to come to your site and read more about your company, which is why the majority of your posts should be content that leads back to your company.

6. Why retweet? Retweet ideas and links that you, yourself, couldn't create or provide. And retweeting industry organizations will help make you more credible. Occasionally retweeting industry influencers puts you in the conversation and helps you with branding, and in turn, helps make you an influencer. Plus, other organizations are more likely to retweet you if you do it for them.

7. Don’t retweet competitors because, well, that's just silly.

8. Does retweeting hurt SEO? The social signal for SEO is still so minor. What counts is getting your information out there in the first place. If all you're doing is retweeting, you're not getting your ideas out there. That hurts your SEO, but it's a sin of omission.

9. How often should you post? Only once a day is best, then for as few as three times a week to as many as seven days a week.

10. Limit hashtags. While hashtags are a great method to organize your posts for searches, don’t hashtag every word.

These are just a few easy tips to keep current on social media trends. Watch how the social media industry evolves and keep your company current on the best practices trends!

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