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Do you factor in videos as part of your company’s marketing plan? Videos and a robust company YouTube site are an essential part of showcasing your company and your products. In fact, the use of videos is on the rise. A recent survey noted that marketers are five times more likely to incorporate videos in their marketing program than in the past. Why? It’s because the use of videos is becoming commonplace in all aspects of our life.

Creating video materials to use on a website or a social platform can be a relatively easy exercise.  However, it is worth keeping a few things in mind while filming and editing to help produce high quality videos. Before you begin, be sure to outline the key messages you want to deliver and storyboard the content. No different than any other marketing tactic, you must be diligent in identifying your theme, key points and call to action. In addition, lighting, sound, stability and length are the vital elements to attend to during the filming of a video. Unless assembling a training video or something that warrants longer length, limit videos to less than two minutes. Anything longer and you may lose your audience's attention.  And, whenever possible, use an high definition (HD) camera and edit in HD for website use.

For additional hints on how to make an effective video, go here.

When you have a completed an HD video, set up a YouTube account for your company and start uploading the video. Continue to add videos to provide your viewers with a one-stop shop for videos on your topic. Be sure to market these videos in all of your other marketing efforts including adding links to your website and social media. Happy filming!

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