Tried and True Methods Still Work!

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There’s no doubt that social media has changed the way we think about marketing our products and services. But in these days of all things electronic, don't forget the tried-and-true methods that still work.

Case studies, project sheets and testimonials remain some of the most effective ways to  reach your audience. These communication vehicles deliver valuable information to your customers, and that’s what’s needed – even required – in today’s marketing landscape. Known as content marketing, the belief is that when we provide customers with usable information, they in turn reward us with their loyalty and business, according to the Content Marketing Institute. What’s more, informative case studies build trust with potential clients by showing how you work, your company’s expertise and the results you can deliver.

Content marketing is quickly becoming the necessary means of reaching customers in a day when consumers are so easily tuning out some of the most traditional advertisements. And case studies and testimonials rank among the most popular content marketing methods. According to a recent Marketing Trends survey, the top content marketing tactics include:

Customer Testimonials (89%)

Case Studies (88%)

In-person Events (80%)

Online Articles (78%)

Videos (75%)

Be a trusted resource for your customers, and think about how you can help your customers become more informed. With that in mind, consider the following as you prepare case studies and testimonials:

  • Provide useful information, not just a pitch about your company or product.
  • Describe challenges that arose and how they were overcome. People love to learn how difficult situations were handled.
  • Focus on lessons learned. Anything learned on the project could benefit someone else, and that’s valuable information to pass along.
  • Keep it short and sweet – especially for online. Don’t lose your reader’s attention span with too-long articles.
  • Incorporate your case studies and testimonials into your social media, newsletters, eblasts and blogs.

How have case studies, testimonials and other forms of content market helped your business? Or, are you unsure where to start? Let us know  how we can help you!  

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