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Many organizations miss out on the opportunity to communicate casually with their clients or members by taking advantage of what a blog can offer. A blog provides a casual approach to reach out to potential and existing clients.

Your target audience is curious about you. They know what you do—your website tells them—but there is so much more they want to know. Tell them about your latest success—how has your services made a difference? What’s happening in the industry that may touch your clients? A blog helps the them understand more than the hard facts on your website.

The beauty of a blog is that it doesn’t need to be just one voice. A blog can include the voice of your president, executive director, your top technical people and even guest industry writers. Blogging is a community of voices offering advice and examples.

When setting up the tone of a blog, be more casual than your website. You want to chat about topics that really interest your clients and be a resource to them for their questions.

Ragan.com recommends some objectives to consider when setting up a blog, to help you find long-term success:

  • First, read other blogs and determine what you like and don’t like. Then, chose the tone you prefer.
  • Think it through—how will blogging support your goals? Keep within your mission with all the messages from your bloggers.
  • Establish experts from within and outside your organization who are regular contributors to the blog. Who would your clients want to hear from?
  • Assign topics to your bloggers. With a little advance planning, you will always have a conversation in the works.

Then think about taking your blog to the next level. The next time your organization is at a trade show, have a blogger get-together for an hour at a hotel bar or your trade booth. Invite your clients to stop by for a meet-and-greet with your bloggers. It’s an opportunity to let them get to know you and see that you do care about their questions and concerns.

Good, thoughtful blogging may seem time-consuming, but the time it takes to create informative blog posts is also time devoted to marketing and servicing your clients. The best part is the interesting blog site that can result when sharing the time between a diverse group of contributors.

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