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Engaged employees are those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their craft. The higher the level of engagement, the more employees are willing to work hard for the success of the organization. In this day and age when employees are hard to find, we need to do everything we can to retain the ones we have. According to a 2017 Glassdoor research study, in addition to an organization’s culture and values and quality of senior leadership, professional growth opportunities were critical to employee satisfaction and engagement.

Certification programs not only prepare workers to deal with day-today challenges, but they are designed to elevate professional standards, enhance individual performance and designate those who demonstrate knowledge essential to their careers. They go beyond training by providing a measurement of knowledge and skills. 

Here are other reasons why certifications add value to your organization:

Promotes a feeling of value - Employees want to feel noticed and valued. When encouraged to, and assisted with obtaining industry certifications and/or designations, you show them that you are investing in them to take the next step in their career. This sense of value goes a long way in employee retention.

Elevates credibility - Encouraging your employees to earn industry certifications tells your customers/members that your organization holds its staff to the highest professional standards. This commitment to employee professional development will speak volumes that you are providing the best possible resources for projects.

Provides a competitive advantage - Organizations are always searching for a competitive edge. One true advantage is trained and motivated people proudly working together, contributing their knowledge and energy toward the collective goals of the organization. Ensuring team members are certified gives you an edge against the competition as your organization is qualified for more jobs, and you produce the best work again and again, earning a solid reputation.

Need help with finding the right certification programs for your staff? AOE’s certification services team brings extensive expertise in all areas of certification program operations—program development, exam design, psychometric evaluation of exam results and statistics, as well as in applying best practices and industry standards for administering certification programs. We currently manage more than two dozen programs administered globally and have certified hundreds of thousands of individuals over the last 35+ years.

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