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While workload may be increasing, client and member satisfaction are trending downward. This tidbit was recently released by Zweig Group based on surveys detailing that managers are starting to notice the effects of chronically understaffed and overworked AEC organizations. Areas the respondents indicated they are the most dissatisfied with are accessibility, responsiveness and value for the fees.

This is just one example of how a client or member survey can be an essential key to success. Surveys can be powerful tools for your organization’s strategic or marketing plan. By asking questions – even the ones that may elicit painful responses – you gain key insight about the highs and lows of your organization. Client and member relations can become more strained over time, and it’s easy to overlook a less-than-perfect situation until it’s too late to mend the relationship. 

Any professional organization needs a strategy for monitoring the pulse of its clients and/or members. Even if your clients or members are happy, third-party surveys provide confirmation that everything is still on track and can provide greater insight into what your target audiences value the most, as well as help you discern how you can grow the relationship.

According to Zweig Group, the top benefits in performing surveys include:

• Recognize problem areas or issues in your organization before it's too late

• Determine what the future potential is with your clients

• Learn what your clients really appreciate

• Notice how you compare to your competitors

• Find out what you should focus on promoting

• Identify specific short-term opportunities

• Discover market awareness, future trends and overall economic outlook.

As noted, there’s a whole list of advantages to satisfaction surveys. The only negative is hearing bad news if your clients and/or members aren’t happy. But any bad news could be the vital information that can help turn your organization around before it’s too late.

For more thoughts on how to do surveys and entice respondents, see our blog, Get to know your customers and members through online surveys. If you need help developing and deploying a satisfaction survey, contact us. 


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