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Internet use is soaring high, up another four percent this year. At 3.6 billion, the number of internet users has surpassed half the world’s population. Is this ever-increasing use to our advantage? For most organizations, it’s a good trend. Kleiner Perkins recently issued Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trend Report which delved into the growth and changes in internet usage. And many changes do occur with the internet each year – devices improve, access is better and payments are easier to complete online, to name a few.

The internet is also providing more personalization. Whether neighborhood groups such as Nextdoor or private Facebook groups, pages are providing a better experience for users. The ability to target and personalize groups is an advantage for organizations looking to provide areas for their clients to learn more about products or services. Facebook is providing higher engagement just from trying to connect people. 

What does this mean to your organization? Social media is driving discovery and referrals for products and services. Referrals on social media are up six percent, compared to two percent in 2015. Impressions, an important measurement of social media postings, are up 19 percent. The click-through ad rate on Facebook continues to rise. Many advancements of the internet and social media are designed to help organizations connect with both current and prospective clients. The methods are working and clients are responding.

E-commerce has exploded onto the scene in the last five years. If your organization sells a product, online ordering is becoming the standard expected by clients. It is important to look within your organization to evaluate if a product can be easily ordered online. Effortless ordering is what brings clients back repeatedly.

If you aren’t wholly invested in the internet and social media, it’s time to take a serious look at how it can benefit you. The numbers continue to show the reliance on the internet as a method to reach and inform clients. With 3.6 billion users, the internet isn’t going away, it will only become a stronger and more important tool. This trend is definitely soaring upward.



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