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We’ve all heard or used the phrase “Google it” at one time or another. Nine times out of ten, it is the first search engine we think of, but this has changed according to new research. Today, it is estimated that more videos are watched on YouTube (14.2 million) than searches are conducted on Google (10.6 million). With the various ways to showcase your products and/or services through videos, it is becoming the preferred method by consumers and potential clients to find solutions for their needs. Wondering how to ensure your audience can find you on YouTube among the millions of videos out there? We did some research and came up with a few good tips to keep in mind when posting videos to YouTube:

  • Make sure your YouTube channel is branded to be consistent with your overall message and existing website. By incorporating your company logo, colors and any taglines or slogans, you can keep a consistent message across all platforms.
  • Keep your video titles keyword rich so folks can find them easily. These keywords should include company name and words that describe main topics shown in the video (i.e., concrete, formwork, etc.). You can also use YouTube’s keyword tool here.
  • Provide a description for your video that will both entice the viewer and provide enough details on what folks can expect when watching your video.
  • Push folks to your YouTube page through all other channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, your website, etc.). Make sure you hit all audience members and tie these back to your website.

Case in point, the International Grooving & Grinding Association (IGGA) has an established YouTube presence and keywords for their videos. By making sure each video title has the keywords included such as diamond grinding, concrete and association name, their videos are searchable. In addition, there are URL links and additional keywords provided in video descriptions, which not only keep the audience captivated but provided searchable content. Take a look at their YouTube channel here. Of note, these tips also apply to other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. To learn more about how you can ensure your videos and resources are searchable, read this piece from Search Engine People, Inc. or contact us today for a quick analysis of how we can help!  

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