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By guest blogger Rachel Ross, Project Manager at Forefront Web

People LOVE their smartphones, and judging by news stories about texters falling into a mall fountain or off a pier, perhaps a little too much. But they’re certainly changing how we use the web. By the end of this year, more than half of all internet traffic will happen via mobile devices. Global ecommerce topped the trillion-dollar sales mark this year, with the U.S. leading in spending. According to one study, mobile traffic to ecommerce sites has doubled in the last nine months, with traffic being fueled largely by an increase in iOS users. It’s not all roses for online retailers, though. Smartphone users buy from sites only a third as often as tablet or desktop users. The #1 reason for this is that it’s harder to buy on a phone – sites aren’t often optimized for mobile use, and customers leave when the checkout process gets hard to use.

“But I don’t sell anything online. What do these numbers have to do with me?”

New research indicates that even if you don’t sell online, your online presence might be hurting sales. A Google study reports that one half of people surveyed said that even if they like a business, they are less likely to use them if their website is not mobile-friendly. Conversely, if the site is mobile-friendly, 74 percent say they are likely to return. More than 75 percent of all consumers research purchases online, so even if your business is the brick-and-mortar variety, it might be good to go mobile.

“So how do I go mobile, anyway?”

That is a very good question! Click here to read more of Rachel’s strategies for “going mobile” with your website!

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