Seven rules of social marketing

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According to a recent Marketo guidebook edition, social marketing has evolved to create even more connections for your business today. Social marketing is beginning to move from a company-to-buyer marketing model to a peer-to-peer influence model, making it the perfect platform for creating those valuable business relationships that promote sharing and engagement. To make the most of this opportunity as a marketer, you should develop a strategy that integrates social as part of every campaign you do. Why does your business need social marketing? Folks today are much more receptive to social interaction and a brand’s personality. Recent statistics show that 85 percent of marketers reported that the number one benefit of social marketing is generating more business exposure, and 74 percent of marketers reported that social marketing has increased their site traffic. By injecting your social marketing efforts with a brand personality, you can integrate your marketing efforts to drive more traffic and build more business. When getting started, it is important to keep a few rules in mind. These seven rules of social marketing will help you formulate a plan that will be successful for your business:
  1. Don’t take yourself so seriously! Showing that there is a real human being behind your business logo will help cultivate the conversations and put folks at ease to communicate with you.
  2. Inbound is not enough.  While all of your social marketing tactics can be done individually, paid promotional efforts can provide additional avenues for your business.
  3. Have good content and solid offers. Make sure your content is relevant, stays fresh and is appropriate for your audience.
  4. Create a strong call to action. Make sure you give your audience a place to go after you provide your content. How can they get the new product or sign up for a webinar? Where should they go for more information?
  5. Always add value. At the end of the day, you need to provide value to your audience to keep them engaged. What is in it for them and how can it help them solve a problem or add value to their own efforts?
  6. Remember that social is a two-way street. It is just as important to respond to your audiences’ inquiries as it is to provide fresh content. If you post a question, follow up on who answers or comments. Thank people for Liking or sharing your content. Always respond promptly and if you can’t answer a question, direct folks to someone who can.
  7. Peer-to-peer sharing is the best way to get your message heard. Work with your business partners and fellow industry professionals to help each other out. Have a vendor that is promoting a new product or service? Why not drive traffic to their site? Chances are, they will do the same for you next time around.
 These simple relationship building principles with social marketing will not only provide a platform to share your message, but will help you branch out and use your existing network to its full potential. Social marketing is constantly changing. Find what works for your message and audience and join the conversation. We’d love to hear from you on your social marketing successes or challenges, so reach out to us today!  
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