Twitter: The perfect platform for video marketing

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Video marketing has become a powerful marketing tool for both B2B and B2C marketers today. With options such as YouTube (the top search engine – even above Google), Facebook and Vimeo, hanging a video link for your audience is easy. However, among these platforms you may not think of Twitter as the tool of choice. But, with the broad audience reach on Twitter and the ease of use, it is the perfect platform to highlight your video content. As a micro-blog, Twitter keeps it succinct in just 140 characters and allows you to grab attention quickly. Folks that communicate in the Twitter-sphere are somewhat technical in nature and very involved in what is happening. Couple the average Twitter use with the short and sweet post and you have the opportunity to sum up your video and gain exposure quickly. These are just a few examples on how Twitter can be a great tool when marketing a video. Read the full list of tips and best practices from OnlineVideo.net here. Tell us how you’ve incorporated Twitter into your video marketing efforts – what works and what doesn’t?
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