Corporate marketing strategy – you need this!

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…except maybe you are not exactly sure what this means. Don’t be turned off by what sounds like “business-babble.” Corporate Marketing Strategy simply means your company’s plan for marketing its products and/or services. According to BusinessDictionary.com, Marketing Strategy is “An organization’s strategy that combines all of its marketing goals into one comprehensive plan.” And there you have it.

So, how do you develop a corporate marketing strategy and what does it include? Your marketing plan should cover all that is important to your company’s success – products or services, branding, product development, and, most important, the consumers who are buying your products or services. It’s a combination of why your company does business and what they are doing to succeed. It’s the basis of why your company exists.

If you have a successful company, you probably have all these elements in place, but maybe have not understood how they all tie together or how they are all dependent on each other. Developing a marketing plan can make it easier for your organization to address problems and reach more customers, while assuring that your current customers are kept up-to-date on your company’s events and product improvements.

Once the corporate plan has been established, you now have to work on the “marketing” part. This is known as the “marketing mix.” And a mixture it is! It is a mixture of the elements you use to reach your customer’s and market your product. It can include a variety of media outlets – the more traditional ones such as radio, television and print; websites; and what is now referred to as “social media” – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

At AOE, we understand the “marketing mix.” We know that public relations activity is the strongest method of building your brand. Starting with a marketing audit and planning session through to the development of a comprehensive public relations program, we can assist you with growing your business – and that is what a Corporate Marketing Strategy is all about! If you’re interested in refreshing your marketing plans or developing a new one, please contact AOE for more information.

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