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Posting photos on social media is a great way to share your project progress with your clients and customers – it gives them a “sneak peek” of things to come and lets them feel as though they’re part of the process. However, static images aren’t the most immersive, and while videos are, they can come with their own problems: recording outdoors can pick up the sound of wind, which muffles your voice and distracts viewers, and you may not have the time required to capture the perfect take. Fortunately, Facebook has rolled out a new feature that solves these issues: Facebook 360 Photos.

Many smartphone cameras have a panorama option, which allows you to take a wide photo of a large-scale object or space. In the past, uploading a panorama of a job site or project to social media might garner some interest, but there isn’t much engagement beyond someone looking at it, maybe scrolling to see the entire picture, and then moving on. However, Facebook 360 Photos takes your panoramic shots and turns them into an immersive experience for mobile viewers. For example, if you post a picture of a job site under construction, a viewer can click on the image and be virtually transported there. Simply by tilting or moving their phone around, the image will scroll on the screen as if the user were actually onsite and looking around. Desktop users won’t get quite the same experience, but they can still click the image and drag it to view the panorama.

Though there are top-of-the-line 360-degree cameras, which let the viewer see a photo as if they were completely surrounded by it on all sides (known on Facebook as a “photo sphere”), your average smartphone and its panorama option are perfectly capable of producing incredible, engaging images. Simply upload the panorama to your company or organization’s Facebook page, as you would with any image, and your followers can interact with it immediately.

Get started with this inexpensive, easy and engaging way to reach your audience today! Got a question or need some photography tips? Reach out to AOE and we’ll help you jump right in.  

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