Social media ROI: Myth or reality?

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Proving your worth on social media can be one of our largest challenges as marketers. It can be so difficult that many simply don’t bother; they know they should have a social media presence and leave it at that. But when done correctly, social media measurement can prove ROI, improve your marketing strategy and ultimately help you reach new customers.

Social media measurement has come a long way — it’s not just about counting the amount of likes and followers. In fact, all followers are not created equal. A truly engaged follower can be worth more than hundreds of unengaged followers. What qualifies as an engaged follower?

Engaged followers:

  • Are truly interested in what your company has to say
  • View you as an industry thought leader and visit your social media pages for the latest resources
  • Are customers or potential customers
  • Help your content be seen by a larger audience

Now that you know you need to be measuring engagement, how exactly do you do that? There are a multitude of social media measurement metrics. Below are key metrics to include when measuring your social media success: 

Key Social Media Measurement Metrics:

  • Reach: The number of unique people who have seen your content (in other words, your audience)
  • Impressions: The number of times content was shown on someone’s newsfeed
  • Engagements: Clicks, likes, comments, shares/clicks, mentions, replies, RTs, favorites, etc.
  • Demographics: Is your audience who you want it to be? (look at age, gender and geography)
  • Engagement Rate: Measures what percentage of your audience engaged with your content

Keep track of the above metrics on a monthly basis, and look for trends on what posts are engaging your audience the most. It may be a certain topic, or it may be a type of post —  a question, video or link, for example. While there are certainly some tried and true strategies when it comes to creating engaging content, it is also going to differ by industry and even each individual company.

Are you ready to take your social media to the next level? Contact AOE for a more sophisticated approach to social media measurement.

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