Changes coming to Facebook Business Pages

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Facebookismakingchan...Facebook is making changes – again – but this time it’s a Business Page update. If your company has a presence on Facebook, you should pay attention to these upcoming changes, so you don’t lose information on your site. The changes will occur starting August 1 in your Page information section.

The sections that Facebook will remove from the Business Page descriptions include Mission, Company Overview, Biography, Affiliation and Personal Interests. Facebook will prompt that the information should instead be added to your Page’s description.

The removals probably make sense, since some of those categories can be repetitive and companies are probably just placing similar information under the different categories, such as Mission, Company Overview and Biography. As for Affiliations and Personal Interests, they probably don’t do much to define your company anyway.

So, our word of advice is to watch for these changes coming August 1. Facebook – hopefully – will keep us updated as the deadline approaches.


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