E-Newsletters that Start Customer Conversations

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Email software—the kind your organization may already use to send newsletters, invitations and more—continues to get “smarter.” Most programs now have automated features that can help you increase readership as well as target different audiences.

For example, you can:

  • Add pop-up forms to a website. You’ve probably seen these before when you land on a webpage: a pop-up appears in the center of the screen asking you to join the company mailing list. You can add a popup to your organization’s website by working with your website designer to install code generated by the email software.
  • A/B test an email subject line. Having a catchy subject line can improve email open rates—but how do you know when you’ve come up with the best line? Test two different options and see which one “wins.” Your software can send an email with subject line “A” to a percentage of contacts (selected by you), while a second email with subject line “B” is sent to an equal percentage. The program will then automatically send the best performing subject line to the remainder of recipients.
  • Segment your customer list. It’s likely your organization needs to speak differently to different customer types. Most groups won’t be interested in all the goods or services that you offer, and it makes sense to only fill customer inboxes with information that is relevant to them.

    You can place a button or other interface within an email that allows customers choose their own area of interest. Their click takes them to additional reading material—which is an immediate payoff for them—but it also adds their email to a targeted mailing list you’ve created for that segment of your audience.
  • Use an autoresponder series. To take customer engagement (as well as segmentation) a step further, have messages queued up to be sent the moment a customer clicks on a link in your e-newsletter. The customer immediately sees more information about the item he or she was interested in. Behind the scenes, his or her name is added to a mailing list to receive more information in the future.

To implement any of the above, you may be looking at price increases to your existing service, depending on your current package or vendor.

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