4 Ways To Reinvent Your Organization's Culture

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A positive and welcoming culture can mean the difference between an organization that is engaged and growing and one that is stagnant and not succeeding. In a Columbia Business School survey, nearly 2,000 CEOs and CFOs revealed that culture affects profitability, decision-making and even ethical behavior by employees. It's clear that the culture, or values, of your organization can have either a positive or negative impact. But how can you increase the positivity of your culture? Here are some tips on creating a comfortable, positive environment for everyone. 

Increase communication - Leaders communicate whether they intend to or not, and sometimes what they communicate is not what they intended. The Grossman Group reported a hefty cost of poor communication among 400 surveyed corporations: $37 billion. This figure stems from employees who misunderstood or were misinformed about organization policies, processes, job function or a combination of the three. When there's a lack of communication, employees and members can feel intimidated about coming forward with concerns, or even asking questions. Make sure there are mechanisms in place to receive feedback, and that feedback is taken to heart.
Embrace change - Just because you've "always done things" a certain way doesn't mean you have to continue doing things that way. As times change, your members/customers change, their values and needs change and your organization can and should change to embrace that. For instance, avoiding the use of new technology (user-friendly website, social media, webinars, etc.) is not necessarily a way of holding on to tradition. It could actually be preventing your association from making real progress. A positive culture is resilient to change and accepts change.
Increase collaboration between employees - Strong relationships lead to successful teams. Give your employees the chance to get to know each other, possibly through events like dinners or team-building getaways.
Reward positivity - When you see someone behaving in a way that you admire, acknowledge it and share that with the others on your team.
In that Columbia Business School survey, only 15 percent of respondents said their culture was exactly where it needed to be, so don't feel badly if you examine your culture and find that it is not what you expected. Wondering how you can gauge your company's culture?

We can help you assess this and also strategize a plan to change it. Contact us to learn more. 

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