Do We Continue to Market?

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MarketingImageOrganizations like AGC are already working with Congress to make sure our construction industry stays strong (read story here), even though there are already instances of construction sites shut down.  Uncertainty is the only constant at this point.  Some of the questions the team at AOE is getting on a frequent basis right now include:

  1. Do we keep marketing?
  2. If so, what does that look like? Does our message change? 

In short, our opinion is yes, you keep marketing. But, yes, your message needs to change as well. And, what that looks like is a bit murky. How do you keep our organizations moving ahead so things don’t come to a complete stop, yet do it in a way that is sensitive and doesn’t offend anyone? In essence, as marketers, we are trying to balance keeping employees, clients and members safe, while also trying to keep operations moving so employees have jobs on the other side of this and we can continue to service our members and clients.  Obviously, many of our clients have moved to a complete or partial virtual environment, but it still begs the question, how do we continue to market?

First and foremost, make sure you have reviewed all of your existing assets. We recommend that, for now, social media and eblasts continue, yet not be celebratory in nature. For example, tone down the big social post about how excited you are about a new project. Instead, opt to share information about an upcoming training you are hosting or a resource.  (Speaking of training, now is a great time to promote training and continuing education session as so many people are working from home).  Let’s look at the topics for eblasts too and see if they are all appropriate.  Now is probably not the right time to launch a new product.

Second, maybe look at the frequency of your communication. We are all being inundated with emails right now, so maybe decrease your eblast schedule to once a month if you are distributing content more frequently. If you post on social media every day, it is recommended you decrease to maybe three times a week. 

As a final thought, just a reminder that we are here to work with you on figuring out what seems appropriate at this time.  It is hard to describe what is right at this point as things are a bit fuzzy, but there are definitely things that are wrong.  Further, we have deep crisis communications experience, so we can help you with messaging to employees, clients and/or members. 

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