Staying the Course: Marketing Through a Pandemic

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One of the most common questions we have received during the last few months has been how to handle marketing and sales efforts during the pandemic. What is appropriate? Although there is no guidebook and instruction on the right answer to that question, there are countless examples of some really great ways to pivot your marketing efforts so you can continue reaching your target audiences appropriately and effectively. 

In our opinion, Coldspring, a valued client since 2006, has done an amazing job with their sales and marketing efforts and is a great example in how to stay the course related to marketing messages. In a recent AOE webinar, I chatted with Cari May, Coldspring Marketing Manager, about their experience. Her key theme was to build on your existing key messages and share them in a manner that resonates with your stakeholders right now.

For example, in the case of Coldspring, one of their reoccurring themes is that they have better control of the project schedule as compared to many of their competitors because of their role in managing the supply chain. While this message has always been important, it is arguably more so now than ever.

Dusting off existing content around this theme and repurposing it has proven very effective. May suggests that you don’t abandon your key themes during the pandemic, rather, review them to see which ones resonate with the current marketplace and their needs. In crisis communications, she said, don’t abandon your message. Instead, tailor it. 

Another key suggestion by May is not to let the traditional mediums you use constrain you. For example, one of Coldspring’s key marketing tactics is hosting plant and quarry tours. While that isn’t an option right now, the team was able to assemble videos that provide a virtual overview of their operations to give people a sneak peek into their facilities until in person tours can resume.

She also noted that getting the sales team involved in developing content has been key since they are the ones talking to the marketplace and hearing concerns first-hand. In several ways, she has seen the approach of extending creative freedom to other team members helping the company gain an even stronger connection to the market.

And, as a final thought, don’t forget to pick up the phone and check on your clients and partners! Remember the days when we used to call each other instead of rely on email?  The personal touch can go a long way today.

AOE has worked with many organizations during the pandemic to help them make the most of their existing content, while creating new materials that respond to today’s market. Contact us today to discuss what is appropriate for your sales efforts as we continue to navigate marketing during the pandemic.

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