Pandemic conversations: What topics have been discussed most on LinkedIn

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MarketingImageMarketing’s most important job is to identify and engage new and existing customers. This role has been turned upside down by COVID-19. At the beginning of the crisis in March, our team was frequently asked “should we continue our marketing efforts?” Our answer at the time was yes, continue marketing, but the context, message and even outlets may look different. We offered recommendations about how to be sensitive and appropriate with efforts during these unique times. In addition, one of our long-time clients, Brian Gallagher, Vice President of Corporate Development for Graycor, authored a blog and hosted a webinar on this very topic. So, is marketing still a key priority, even during COVID?

Interestingly, a recent article in Adweek notes that marketing has remained top-of-mind for LinkedIn users as they continue to navigate through the pandemic. LinkedIn shared the top 20 most-used hashtags globally on their platform from May through July. Excluding #covid19 and #coronavirus (which were numbers one and two), #marketing was number one. Here is a listing of the top 5 most used hashtags from LinkedIn’s list:

  1. #marketing
  2. #leadership
  3. #business
  4. #workfromhome
  5. #realestate

Although there continues to be no guidebook as we move through these uncertain times, AOE can help you reach your target audiences appropriately and effectively. We have worked with many organizations during the pandemic to help them make the most of their existing content, while creating new materials that respond to today’s situation. Contact us today to discuss the best marketing strategies for your organization.

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