With roots dating back to 1990, AOE has decades of experience serving associations and organizations in technical industries, offering services that range from marketing, public relations, crisis communications and social media consulting to projects related to training, workforce development, board relations, member engagement, certification and operations.

"The AOE team is a true asset
to the industry. For that,
I say 'thank you.'"

-Ronald Burg, Executive Vice President, American Concrete Institute

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The AOE team makes its mark through our work, as well as our impact. Please watch this short video from Mike Schneider, Senior Vice President/Chief People Officer of Baker, on our impact and let us know how we can better serve not only your organization, but our collective industry.

When you invest in AOE, you invest in yourself and your industry

AOE is committed to providing best-in-class services and investing all profits earned right back into the industries we serve. When you hire AOE, you invest in yourself, and you invest in your industry.


What does that mean? First, because of AOE’s focus area is so specialized in design, construction, chemical, aerospace and other industrial markets, best practices are established and deployed, enabling all AOE clients to benefit from shared expertise. The associations we manage gain an advantage from reduced overhead through our shared services model, allowing them access to experts in everything from operations and HR to member relations, training, and marketing, without adding full-time staff for all functions. The clients working with AOE on a consulting basis also benefit from working with professional writers, marketers, training professionals, and other experts who know their industry and marketplace.


Because of our model, AOE keeps service fees lower than the standard market rate. Further, because AOE is not owned by private shareholders, any profit earned at the end of the year is reinvested in the marketplace. Not many consulting firms can claim that they are keeping rates low and putting their profits back into supporting their clients and the industry they serve.


In 2020, the AOE Board chose to use its profits to support the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Foundation with the launch of an AOE Fellowship that benefits our long-time client the Concrete Industry Management program. In addition, AOE contributed to a scholarship offered through the American Concrete Pipe Association Foundation – a commitment we have made for the next two years. AOE also sponsored the ACI Chapter Networking event at World of Concrete and the Fall ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction awards. This year, AOE has already re-invested into the industry by paying the registration fees for Chairs of the ACI Technical, Educational, and Certification Committees and will serve as the opening session sponsor for ACI’s spring Convention. Further, AOE has made a second donation to the American Concrete Pipe Association in fulfillment of our scholarship commitment. AOE also hopes to consider applications from other non-profits in the industries we serve to further our impact.


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