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AOE becomes Charter Member of NEU

AOE is pleased to be a charter member of NEU, a non-profit recently launched by ACI as its Center of Excellence for Carbon Neutral Concrete. NEU aims to collaborate globally to drive research, education, awareness, and adoption of carbon neutral materials and technologies in the industry. The organization will focus on transforming the concrete industry into a proactive, unified group actively engaged in developing and employing both existing and new technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of the concrete industry.

“NEU envisions a concrete industry where all stakeholders have access to technologies and the knowledge needed to effectively and safely produce and place carbon neutral concrete and concrete products,” said Andrea Schokker, Executive Director, NEU. “Concrete plays a major role in a sustainable future and collaboration with members worldwide is critical to developing a comprehensive plan to help make the concrete industry carbon neutral by 2050”.

“NEU will bring groundbreaking opportunities for sharing of information and AOE is excited to be part of this effort,” said Kari Moosmann, Director of Sustainability Communication, AOE. “We look forward to being a partner in the advancement of communication about carbon reduction techniques in the concrete industry.”

AOE’s Sustainability Communications practice group has extensive experience in communicating sustainability, green and ESG initiatives. Contact us today!



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