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  • Brian Gallagher

Building success: Strategic planning for construction industry leaders

The Essential Guide for Developing, Implementing, and Managing a Strategic Plan

Construction strategy and marketing expert and author Brian Gallagher MBA, CPSM, unveiled the first edition of his new book Building Success: Strategic Planning for Construction Industry Leaders. The book focuses on strategy development for architecture, engineering, and construction firms and is a must-have for any business or organization looking to improve its business outcomes.

Growth requires clarity and intentionality about the future, and the discipline of strategic planning offers organizations a path to their intended future. The book offers insights into the “What” and “How” of strategic planning, but most importantly, the “Why” of strategic planning.

Building Success: Strategic Planning for Construction Industry Leaders provides an overview of essential tools and resources for the development, implementation, execution, and monitoring of a strategic plan. With its unique risks and complexities, the construction industry benefits from strategic planning. Strategic planning enables better decision-making, risk management, streamlined operations, efficient resource allocation, and sustainable growth.

The book emphasizes that a strategic plan is more than just a document; it's a dynamic roadmap guiding executives in making critical decisions like pursuing new ventures, expanding to new markets, or making strategic hires. It aligns the company's actions with its vision, uniting the organization towards common goals.

Without strategic planning, construction businesses and trade organizations risk inefficiencies, missed opportunities, and stalled growth. This book is a companion and toolkit, helping leaders develop and implement effective strategic planning and ensure their company remains competitive, innovative, and resilient. Embracing strategic planning is vital for intentional growth and long-term success in the construction industry.

Gallagher, a 30-year construction industry veteran, has held executive leadership positions with leading AEC firms and has several leadership roles in industry associations. Building Success: Strategic Planning for Construction Industry Leaders is designed to help construction industry executives understand the importance of strategic planning in steering their company's growth. It applies to any construction organization, from small family businesses to large corporations to trade associations, offering strategies and techniques that are universally relevant and adaptable.

The book is available on Amazon in hardback, paperback, and eBook formats.


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