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CEUs are here to stay despite our pandemic reality

Most everyone would agree that 2020 has been challenging. Working from home, social distancing and significant economic impact have taken a toll. Educators have also struggled to ensure that students from kindergarten through college are getting the best education possible under the circumstances. Similarly, the working professional and our industry associations have had to evaluate how to earn and offer continuing education and training needs with the elimination of traditional in-person opportunities. COVID has forced continuing education providers to restructure their programs.

Many organizations have transitioned to virtual learning with remarkable success. Some licensing boards are allowing professionals to complete their continuing education requirements through live webinars, Zoom training sessions and online courses. Some are even presenting continuing education unit (CEU) opportunities through virtual events to add value to attendees. I personally hold a Certified Professional Services Marketer designation, as well as a Registered Yoga Teacher credential, both of which require yearly CEUs. Fortunately, both of the governing bodies for these credentials have made numerous online opportunities available and it has arguably been easier and more affordable than ever to earn my CEUs during the pandemic.

While some have challenged certification boards’ requirements of continuing education to maintain one’s certification, a federal court judge recently ruled that certification boards are permitted to require continuing education as part of their programs. In addition, the court decision supports the boards’ rights to adopt and revise continuing education programs. Knowing this, it is safe to say that those who have not yet figured out how to pivot their offerings to our new paradigm should immediately address their programs.

With CEUs’ continued prominence assured in the certification process and remote learning likely to continue in the post-pandemic world, boards and associations must work to provide learners with easy access to continuing education programs and CEU acquisition. I am proud to see how so many members of the industries we serve, specifically the concrete industry, have pivoted to provide online learning opportunities in a meaningful way. Providing guidance to individuals as they navigate the new normal will help ensure their successful professional development.

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