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Is Your Small Business #OpenForBusiness?

COVID-19, politics and economic factors impacted nearly every business in 2020, but small businesses were especially hit hard. In 2021, small business owners need to re-establish their presence and reach customers. To meet this need, LinkedIn is offering a new feature for small businesses to promote their business. The #OpenForBusiness campaign is a LinkedIn service that enables small business owners to share the services they offer and connect with people who are interested in these services.

Small businesses can request access to become a service and product provider via LinkedIn. This allows service providers to effectively reach and engage potential customers. When #OpenForBusiness is applied to the user’s account, the small business owner will be able to build a “Showcase Services” card on their profile in order to show potential clients what services they provide. Showing what services and products are available coupled with using the #OpenForBusiness hashtag will allow LinkedIn users to easily find the company in the search results. If potential customers have questions about the company or small business, #OpenForBusiness allows users to contact businesses for free.

“The #OpenForBusiness features on LinkedIn can be valuable to small businesses because it increases their visibility and chances of appearing on searches,” said Ashley Kizzire, Senior Account Manager for AOE. “This feature is extremely beneficial. Utilizing social media, especially services like LinkedIn’s #OpenForBusiness, can be a great catalyst for small businesses to be recognized.”

To learn more about how to integrate this option into your social media plans, contact AOE today.

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