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Pushing through the meeting fatigue in our still pandemic world

One of the questions I commonly receive is whether or not I think a certain event, meeting or conference will continue as planned for an in-person event, or if it will be moved to virtual due to COVID. While I certainly don’t have a crystal ball, and my response is usually “your guess is as good as mine,” I find our obsession with this topic fascinating. And, it isn’t always because people want to meet in person. Approximately half the time, I learn that the person I am talking to would actually prefer to meet virtually, while the other half are craving that in-person get together.

No matter your preference, the undertone is clear – nobody is simply going through the motions any more in terms of attendance. The choice to attend or not attend seems to be tied to the greater appreciation many of us have developed during the pandemic of our time and its value. To this end, many are making game-time decisions as to whether or not they sign up or “sit this one out.” So, how do you make the most of events and meetings to get as much attraction? Here are some tips, whether your event is virtual or an in-person gathering:

  1. Keep it short! Turn that 60 minute webinar into 30 minutes and that in-person seminar into a shorter roundtable and you are more likely to get interest! Shorter is better as our attention span is short these days.

  2. Don’t over-program your program! Build in more time for fun, networking and one-on-one connections! And be sure to build in time for breaks as well so we have time to stretch, check email and the like.

  3. Build Enthusiasm and Engagement before the Event: Don’t wait until the day of the event and expect attendees to show up, let alone be engaged. Use a variety of tools before the event to build interest and create a commitment to attend. Ideas include surveys, games and prizes, social media highlights of attendees and more!

Need help planning your next webinar, convention or meeting? AOE’s team of certified meeting planners are poised to help with creative ideas! Contact us today.

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