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What should be included in a social media management package?

What should be offered in a social media package?

Social media management packages can and should be designed for your brand’s unique needs, goals and budget – therefore, what’s included in that “perfect package” will look different for everyone. When deciding on a social media marketing package, it is important to consider what your strategy is missing and what will be the most effective next step for your strategy.

How do social media managers create packages?

Social media managers create customized packages based on your specific needs and goals, but generally these packages are variants of a few standard offerings. Social media management packages can be offered at many different levels to optimize your strategy, from posting content on a single platform, to a comprehensive management program spanning multiple social platforms. Doing research and setting company goals will help determine the type of package best for your company.

The following are examples of common package offerings.

  • A content-only package typically involves posting X number of times per month, week or day and is typically a more basic social media marketing package.

  • A direct interaction with your followers’ packages also involves posting X number of times per month, week or day but focuses on interactions with followers.

  • An outreach package focuses on attracting new followers, media attention, and potential partners X number of times per month, week or day.

  • A strategy package that has monthly / weekly reports, research on analytics, tweaking and adjustments to constantly improve results. This is typically regarded as the most complex package.

What is a social media marketing strategy?

A social media marketing strategy is a plan for your organization's presence on social media channels. The strategy is guided by your unique needs and goals as an organization.

It is important for all social media packages to include key factors allowing you to meet your social media strategy goals. The following social media marketing package must-haves are what you should be looking for when deciding on a package for your social media management.

  • Quality content creation and distribution: Content is key! A good social media management package must include quality, meaningful content that will be distributed strategically among various social pages. Content writers should be able to create content in the client’s voice while taking the expectations of the audience into account, which will drive an audience. This should also include a schedule in place to plan social media posting so that it has the best chance of engagement.

  • Innovative and effective promotional campaign: The ability for social media to really deliver results relies on a social media consultant or social media marketing agency’s ability to produce creative promotional campaigns specifically tailored to your goals.

  • Audience interaction and timely responses: Interaction with existing and potential customers plays a vital role in lead generation. Monitoring and responding to questions and comments on your page shows customers that you interact with and care about customers.

  • Social media page optimization and high-quality graphics: Professionally designed graphics will raise your reputation, like having branded cover pages, high quality background images, graphics and promotional photos all following your brand guidelines. Social media page optimization should also be a part of your package – ensuring your company’s information is presented clearly and fully.

  • Video marketing: Video marketing is becoming increasingly more important to social media as videos tend to be some of the most highly shared content.

Researching and ultimately deciding on a social media package can be a daunting task, but always focus on what will be best for your strategy. A package including these factors should get the job done and effectively boost your social media. Learn more about social media marketing agency pricing here or reach out to the AOE team today.


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