Strategy Answers the Question: How Do We Grow?

The AOE team has the experience and expertise to help you find the answer to this important question.

Planning is the only true way to know that you are accomplishing your goals and objectives, in fulfillment of the greater vision and mission of your business. The AOE Team can assist in developing and implementing a strategic plan for your organization, positioning it for greater success now and in the future. Planning is the only true way to know that you are accomplishing your goals and objectives, in fulfillment of the greater vision and mission of your business.

Marketing Audits

By performing a marketing audit and a planning session, AOE will assist you in developing a viable marketing plan, based on your goals, budget and targets of opportunity. This approach extends to project-based work as well as every press release, special event and direct mail piece, as all marketing activity should be planned in terms of goals, objectives and result measurement.

Strategic Marketing Plans

To truly lead with marketing, a firm's marketing strategy must be an ongoing, dynamic process. The process must include focusing resources on the right opportunities to increase profitability and satisfying the customer/member needs while achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. AOE has developed strategic marketing plans and delivered key messages to our clients' target audiences using a combination of electronic communications, white papers, trade press (including bylined articles in top publications) and ad design.

Strategic Direction

As an engineering-based, technically oriented trade association, the world of marketing and public relations seemed an unfamiliar and daunting space to enter. Working with the AOE team has simplified this transition and allowed us to better communicate key messages and product offerings to our customers. Their knowledge of the concrete industry and willingness to integrate key staff within the association’s operations has allowed us to realize our full marketing potential in a matter of a few short months. With the help of AOE, we were able to expand our reach. Their far-reaching relationships with numerous cement and concrete oriented associations makes collaboration with AOE far more effective. Partnering with AOE is one of the best business decisions we have ever made.

John Roberts, Executive Director, International Grooving & Grinding Association

Key Resource

Get To Know Your Customers Through Online Surveys

If you don’t know what you’re doing right, how do you capitalize upon it? And if you don’t know where your customers/members are headed, how do you ensure you are providing services they’ll continue to use?

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AOE President Kimberly Kayler's book she co-authored Leading with Marketing

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Representative Clients:

  • American Coal Ash Association
  • HAWA
  • International Grooving and Grinding Association (IGGA)
  • Minnesota Concrete Council
  • PCI Midwest
  • Post-Tensioning Institute
  • Slag Cement Association
  • Stream + Wetlands Association