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Social Media Campaigns

What is a
social media campaign?

A social media campaign is a marketing effort by a brand designed to increase business by utilizing one or more social media channels. Running a great social media campaign is an effective way to get your name out there and let the world know about a product or service you offer and your values as a company.  

The importance of social media marketing

A solid social media marketing strategy is one of your company’s most valuable tools. Providing more than a static website, social media platforms can elevate your organization’s online presence and create an ongoing dialogue about your services and industry. Recognizing the advantages of social media marketing, such as the speed at which companies can use social platforms to reach target audiences, a growing number of champions in niche industries are using social media to connect with customers, industry partners, prospects and the communities in which they work. 

Types of social media campaigns

Whether you want to bring about social change, spread awareness or generate sales, you have options when it comes to types of social media campaigns. Here are a few campaign ideas—and examples of social media campaigns, too! 


Engagement Campaigns or User-Generated Content: Post on social media and ask your audience to participate in some way, like posting a photo or using a specific hashtag.  

  • An AOE client created a hashtag campaign to engage their audience on social media, create enthusiasm and spread awareness for their brand. Followers printed out the organization’s logo and posted photos online using the hashtag. Every week, a favorite was chosen by the organization’s followers. This campaign let employees and clients get creative and have fun with the brand — people posted photos at work, in nature and even in the hospital with a new baby! (As you can guess, that photo was a winner!) 

Awareness Campaign: If your goal is to let potential customers know what you do, spread the word about a new offering or simply get your name out there, an awareness campaign will help you do just that. 

  • Longtime AOE client IGGA conducted a long-running awareness campaign with its Coalition for Responsible Roads microsite — an effort to educate Arizonans about the benefits of diamond-ground concrete compared to asphalt roads.  

Brand Utilities: Rather than a more traditional ad, build your customers’ trust and improve their opinion of your brand by offering a utility application that provides value to them. 

  • A common practice at conferences is for an organization to create helpful documents like schedules of the day’s events or a map of the venue, either to distribute or make available to attendees.

Podcasting: Podcasts are a fantastic way to share information with your audience. Again, providing your audience with valuable information builds trust and loyalty. This long-form content allows you to really tell your brand’s story and let people know what you’re about. And the great news is you probably already have plenty of podcast-worthy material on your website. AOE helps clients turn webinar and blog content into podcasts by looking for opportunities to maximize clients’ content by reusing and repurposing.  

  • Have you checked out AOE’s podcast? Our podcast is an example of repurposing webinars. We seek to share tips, ideas, thought leadership and even tackle the tough topics in which the answers are unknown related to DEI, marketing, events, strategic planning, crisis communication, organizational management, leadership and more. This kind of content is applicable to more than just our clients and industry colleagues. Maybe after listening and getting to know us a bit, a listener could turn into more!  

Influencer outreach: Identify content creators or thought leaders that fit well with your brand to become brand ambassadors. Influencers are compensated (whether monetarily, with products or with exposure) to discuss an initiative, share product reviews or their experience with your company, etc. with their following. Some brands take this a step further and collaborate with the influencer on a product or offering. Influencer marketing can be a win-win for both the influencer and the brand, as both get to expand their audience.  

  • Consider interviewing a subject matter expert for social media content. You can reach out to this person and propose your goal, which should be mutually beneficial. You’ll be introduced to their audience and they’ll be introduced to yours, and the reach you will have together can make a difference for your cause. 

How do you make a good social media campaign?

A good social media campaign raises awareness, feels authentic and provides value. The overload of information out there regarding social media campaigns and social media advertising probably has you wondering, “Which social media ads are best?” Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to promoting a campaign on social media. There isn’t one single type that will work for every need. The simple answer is that a good social media campaign is one that raises awareness and feels authentic to your brand and its goals. When choosing which route to go, consider the outcome you want, who your audience is and what kind of value you could provide them. Let’s break this down.  


A good social media campaign: 

Raises awareness: When it comes down to it, awareness is the goal! Whether it’s letting your audience know about an event, new product or service, or simply letting your community know you exist, a good social media campaign reaches the right audience.  

  • Tip: Create target audience segments on platforms where your audience is active.  


Feels authentic to your brand and its goals: The same words you would use to describe your brand should be the words you use to describe the content your brand puts out into the world. Think of Disney and their #ShareYourEars campaign — family-friendly, fun and right on-brand.  

  • Tip: Clearly define what you want your campaign to do — make it as specific and measurable as possible! Ex: Drive traffic to a particular page of your website. 


Considers the audience and how to provide value: What is your audience interested in? What do they have in common? Providing a free webinar, content offer or another piece of media as part of your campaign builds your audience’s trust in your brand.  

  • Tip: Treat your social media followers like a community and encourage discussion and interaction in your campaign posts.  

How do I measure the effectiveness of a campaign?

You can measure the effectiveness of a campaign by setting goals ahead of time. Upon completion of the campaign’s run, examine the results to see if the campaign met or exceeded the goals. The most effective campaigns are created with goals in mind from their inception. Consider your campaign goal and how you will measure that goal. Get as specific as you can. For example, if you’re looking to generate leads, think about what will count as a lead. If it’s a captured email address in a form, set a goal for how many email leads you aim to collect. An effective marketing campaign will reach or surpass that number.


Remember, the best campaigns raise awareness, remain authentic and provide value. The qualities of good campaigns are the same on every budget.  

Want to talk social media strategy?  

The AOE Team is here to help. With roots dating back to 1990, AOE has decades of experience serving associations and organizations in technical industries, offering services that range from marketing, public relations, crisis communications and social media consulting to projects related to training, workforce development, board relations, member engagement, certification and operations. AOE's expertise is proven — check out our recent awards here


Let’s chat about your strategy, key messages and tactics today!

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