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  • Phillip Clines

Advice from an intern

My personal experience working with AOE has been super positive. The fantastic team made me feel welcome and understands my need to balance work with school and extracurricular activities. I could not ask for a better team to work with. I am incredibly grateful that all my work can be done remotely at home without the need to go into an office and work, so I can focus on other things and do my work simultaneously. Being an intern is a good experience because this will help me gain the experience I need to work for a company and understand how a business runs.

I advise people seeking an internship to keep working hard at what they want to do. Before I became an AOE intern, I did some work for them by creating videos for their clients and showing them websites I had created in the past. I showed AOE my capabilities, which demonstrated my skills and experience for their daily work. As an example, if you want to get an internship at a culinary place, keep working on your culinary arts and show that you are a fantastic chef. By constantly working to keep your skills active and sharp, you will create more internship opportunities, leading to job openings in the future.

My advice for organizations looking to hire interns is to hire people passionate about their work. Those people genuinely care about what you do and will work the hardest and be good employees because they care about what they do. If I wanted to hire someone and the two candidates I got were someone who didn't like what they did and kind of just chose this career path because they would make a lot of money, and the other was someone who is genuinely passionate about the work and doesn't care about the pay grade, I would choose the second option because they’ve shown they will care about the work and have fun. They are creating a better employee and person.

Being an intern is a blessing and a dream come true. I plan to keep working with AOE in the future because I love working with them and can use this opportunity to create a better job opening.


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