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Concrete Masonry Checkoff Program hires AOE

AOE is excited to announce that we have been hired by the Concrete Masonry Checkoff Program to handle all financial and administrative functions. The Program, which is the first of its kind in our industry, was created by producers frustrated with continual loss of market share. That frustration was compounded when program ideas surfaced that could drive demand, but there was no way to fund multi-year, well-funded programs that would change outdated perceptions of concrete masonry products. While the Concrete Masonry Checkoff is being funded and run by producers, there is a specific role for the Department of Commerce (DOC) as it is charged with ensuring fair representation on the Board by appointing industry-nominated producer board members, reviewing the budget and overseeing third-party confirmation of compliance with the Act & Order.

Another popular Checkoff program many are familiar with was the Got Milk campaign. AOE is excited to be part of this leading-edge promotion effort. Visit


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