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Confused by Facebook business page updates?

If you received a message from Facebook that you will no longer have the option to switch your business page back to the “classic Pages experience,” here’s a quick explainer on what that means:

In 2021, Facebook announced plans to begin rolling out the “new Pages experience,” which provides a “cleaner and more intuitive” layout and updated page management and advertising tools. It also allows users to keep their personal profiles and business pages separate, including feeds and direct messages via inbox (Messenger). When you log into the platform, you can click on your profile picture in the upper left-hand corner to switch from your individual account to your business page and interact as your business profile. Any page administrator has that same option.

By October 2022, Facebook was automatically updating business pages to the new Pages experience. However, users had the option to switch back to the old format, aka the classic Pages experience. Now that option is being phased out over the coming months.

Learn more about the new Pages experience format and contact AOE with help managing your ever-evolving social media channels!


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