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Elevating and Evolving: Insights from the Cision 2024 Global Comms Report

The Cision 2024 Global Comms Report, a collaboration between PRWeek and Cision, offers a compelling snapshot of the communication landscape's current trends and future directions. Across diverse regions including the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, U.K., Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, 427 senior-level communication professionals from agencies and in-house PR departments participated in the survey, providing valuable insights into the changing dynamics of communication. Highlights include the role of communication professionals in a company’s revenue and value, the redefinition of “influencers,” the shifting of value in social media platforms and the growth of the use of AI in the communication industry.


Data-driven decision making emerged as a central theme, with communication professionals increasingly relying on data and analytics to inform their strategies. This emphasis on data underscores a broader transformation within the industry, enabling practitioners to better understand audience preferences and deliver targeted, impactful messaging. The kinds of spokespeople chosen for advertising have shifted away from celebrities and corporate executives. In the US, niche/micro-influencers outranked consumers as the most impactful spokespeople, followed by journalists.


Choosing the right influencer to work with can have a great impact on sales and brand awareness. This is important because communication professionals are expected to play a key role in the success of the businesses they work with. According to the report, the biggest priority for CEOs when it comes to communications is building sustainable growth and value for the brand, with an increase in customer acquisition/engagement and sales/revenue.


The report highlights the shifting opinions on social media platforms, finding that LinkedIn was deemed the most valuable, followed by Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. This information coupled with the growing interest in generative AI tools for content creation further underscores the industry's dynamic nature, emphasizing the need for agility and adaptability in communication strategies.


Looking ahead, communication professionals are poised to leverage their expertise and tools to become centers of excellence within their organizations, driving meaningful business outcomes and fostering deeper connections with stakeholders. Key priorities for 2024 include refining audience metrics, generating impactful content, and seamlessly integrating paid and earned opportunities. As the industry continues to evolve, communication professionals must remain agile, strategic, and data-driven, embracing innovation and leveraging insights from reports like this one to navigate this ever-changing terrain of communication and marketing. AOE can help with your communication and marketing needs. Reach out today!


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