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Grow engagement with quote images

You have likely heard by now that sharing visual content — infographics, photographs, videos, etc. — on social media garners attention, builds brand awareness and increases audience engagement better than text-only posts. Even if you have already taken those first steps into creating or distributing original visual content on your company’s social media platforms, it can be overwhelming to continually plan and develop new pieces. Enter the time-saving and easy (yet still powerful) quote images.

Quote images are successful due to their blend of two different types of highly shareable content: quotes (or other short blurbs of text) and images. Extremely popular on visual-based networks, such as Instagram and Pinterest, quote images also perform well on Facebook and Twitter. While they aren’t as content-driven as a video or infographic, and therefore more of a “surface” form of engagement, they are simple and can be produced quickly.

Before you start creating your own, however, ask yourself what your goals are with this particular form of content. Do you want more visibility for your brand? Do you want to generate discussion? Do you want to drive people back to your website? Make sure that whatever you create is done with those objectives in mind.

What kind of content does well in the quote image format?


The obvious option! People are inspired and entertained by good quotes and will share ones they find relatable. Size up your followers and determine what type of quotes would best grab their attention. For example, if your target audience is construction workers in the field, sayings about hard work and craftsmanship will likely perform better than quotes from famous CEOs about leadership. Or, demonstrate your involvement in your industry by attending a conference and turning a quote from the speaker into an image.

Goal Achieved: As the most shareable but least substantial of this form of content, quotes are good for getting your name seen by more people as your followers share it to their followers. However, if you want to take it an extra step further, ask a question that goes along with your quote to encourage discussion.


Compelling and to the point, stats can be an excellent way to invite your followers to know more about your industry, or you as a company or organization. For employees or members, they can create a feeling of community or pride, and they may be inclined to share the stat on their personal social media accounts as well.

Goal Achieved: This type of image is a great way to increase brand awareness and, depending on the statistics you use, may lead people your website to find out more.


While they may not be as shareable as quotes or statistics, testimonials give you credibility. People are more likely to stop and read what your happy customers and clients have to say when it’s in the form of an image with words superimposed on it rather than a block of text.

Goal Achieved: A testimonial is the ideal ad for your products, services or company; it is praise from a third party, which is more reliable in the eyes of potential customers than something you’ve written yourself. Good testimonials can help you build your business.

There are countless online sources for quotes, such as, or Pinterest. There are also excellent stock image websites, such as, though using your own photographs further strengthens your brand. Test the waters with a couple of quote images, and see how the number of comments, likes, retweets and shares differ from other types of posts you make. If you need help any step of the way, whether it’s establishing a strategy, selecting quotes or designing the graphics, reach out to AOE!


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