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Microsoft's new tool helps improve communication

Microsoft has recently introduced a new PowerPoint feature to help users prepare to give effective presentations. Presenter Coach is one of the cloud enhanced features in Microsoft 365 powered by Microsoft Speech services. Speech services evaluate pacing, pitch, use of filler words, informal speech, euphemisms and culturally sensitive terms.

With Microsoft’s Presenter Coach, users can rehearse and practice their presentation and get a report back with suggestions for improvements, statistics and recommendations for the presentation. To use this service, simply select “Rehearse with Coach” and the presentation will open in full screen view recording the speaker and presentation. Throughout the presentation, a user can receive real-time feedback in the dialogue box. As the presenter speaks, Presenter Coach will provide live guidance about pacing, inclusive language, use of profanity, filler words and if the presenter is reading directly off the slide.

A Rehearsal Report summarizing the presentation will be generated when the presenter completes the rehearsal. This feedback includes all statistics, which the user can record for later review. For each recommendation, there is a “Learn More” section in the Rehearsal Report that will share additional information for that suggestion. The summary report highlights key pieces of feedback to help users become better and more confident presenters.

Presentation skills are important now more than ever in our hybrid work and learning environment. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), Presenter Coach is a key tool to help not only professionals and students with important presentations, but also anyone who needs to practice a speech whether it's for a professional setting or even for an event such as a graduation or wedding.

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