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Storytelling through video

As I travel around the country visiting clients to discuss marketing plans, a common tactic that is presented is videos, specifically short format (less than four minutes). Many want to ramp up their existing video efforts, while others simply want to start, yet are nervous. Although the stats have been shared in this space numerous times before to validate the necessity of incorporating video, I recognize that it can be a daunting task.

Recognizing the importance of sharing the latest trends on videos with our valued clients, I attended a workshop today about storytelling through video. The stat that jumped out at me today was that one-third of social posts are ads, and 60 percent of those ads are videos, with the latter on the rise. This begs the following question: What will capture your audience, especially if they weren’t expecting to see a video from you pop up in their feed?

The answer is no different than the theme we’ve shared for other electronic communications, public relations, as well as a myriad of other marketing tasks: storytelling. And the first step in storytelling is identifying if you are educating or entertaining. That answer will help you guide a purposeful narrative. Key is not simply to share your message, but to first identify why it is that you want to tell your story in the first place.

So, as you outline your yearly plans and you slate funds for videos, I encourage you to think through why it is you want to tell your story. Is it to educate because there is a misconception about your product, service or industry? Or is it to entertain (brand building)? This exploration before diving into storyboarding and script writing will help alleviate what I see happen so often when our valued clients pour their heart into a video, only to hear from a teammate that it didn’t tell the story they wanted to share.

AOE is well versed in helping you navigate the video space, not just from a writing, production and editing standpoint, but also in terms of helping you create the story, while understanding the purpose. Reach out today!


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