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Test Your Knowledge on Digital Marketing!

Congratulations to Gary Smith of The Prospect Farm for passing the AOE Digital University Exam! The exam was launched by AOE Digital University in March, and Gary was the first to pass it and earn his badge. He will also receive a complimentary AOE mophie® Power Boost 10,000 mAh Power Bank as a thank you for being among the first 50 to take the exam.


About AOE Digital University

AOE launched Digital University to help our audiences expand their knowledge on digital marketing. We tailored the microsite specifically for our clients and others like them, who are predominantly AEC professionals that come from the trenches of their respective fields. Recognizing that these professionals often juggle various roles, including marketing responsibilities, Digital University offers blog articles, ebooks, videos and podcasts to learn about the latest digital tools. Topics include strategies and tools, websites, search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics, social media and artificial intelligence.


Visitors can choose from several quizzes to test their knowledge of digital marketing. They also earn an AOE Digital University graduate badge by passing the final exam, which consists of 50 questions and takes about seven minutes to complete. Those with a minimum 70% pass rate (35+ correct answers) will be emailed an electronic badge. Visit


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