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Tips for writing effective email subject lines

Subject lines are often an afterthought as you launch that all important email campaign, which is unfortunate as they serve as a first impression and are critical for marketing messages to stand out in a crowded inbox. If your email goes unopened, your marketing message does not get seen. With open rates decreasing, marketers must craft creative subject lines to get their email opened and engage their audience.

According to a recent report by HubSpot, a leading marketing platform, marketers must embrace a comprehensive approach to developing engaging and creative email subject lines to ensure emails are opened, marketing messages are delivered and your audience is engaged.

Crafting an engaging subject line requires a mix of creating urgency, curiosity, personalization, offers and stories. The first step in writing an effective email subject line is to identify the purpose of the email and use that as the foundation to build upon when brainstorming a subject line. Having a call to action is what will make the user click your email, and an incentive that is yet to be seen is tempting. Creating a sense of urgency will also increase the click rate.

The subject line used in your email will often determine whether your email is opened. Marketing emails are easily lost or overlooked, HubSpot suggests drafting multiple subject lines with varying words and tones so that you have a few ideas to choose from. Getting feedback from colleagues can also help you see the subject line from a new perspective and choose the best one to use.

Click through rates and your content being opened all comes down to the email subject line. Read more tips from HubSpot and contact AOE today to get your organization started with an email campaign.



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