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Tried-and-True methods still work

There's no doubt that digital marketing and social media have changed the way we think about marketing our organizations, products and services. But in these days of all things electronic, don't forget the tried-and-true methods that still work.

Like most organizations recently, AOE client Rieck Services, a mechanical contracting solutions firm, needed help with employee recruitment during this unprecedented challenge in the labor market. While we utilized Rieck’s social media platforms to get the message out that Rieck was hiring, we also went back to the basics, developing ads for radio stations in their target market as well as developing content to run on the large highway sign outside of their office. These communication vehicles were effective in reaching Rieck’s target audience as a recent new hire mentioned in the below testimonial from Rieck’s Service Sales Manager Kristin Vandivier.

Need help developing a unique content marketing strategy for your organization? The team at AOE is experienced in crafting content that works! Let us know how we can help!



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