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Are you strategic, or habitual?

One of the questions I often ask clients when we are discussing strategic plans is whether they are operating out of habit, or from a strategic mindset. Do your tactics and activities stem from a strategic plan, or are they simply tactics that formed based on habits? With so many of us overloaded in terms of doing more with less, it is a lot easier to continue our habits. But, what if you paused and asked yourself about what’s on the docket? Here are some questions that are key to explore.

  1. What is the link between this activity and our organization’s strategic and/or marketing plan? If you can’t answer that question, think hard about whether or not you need to still be doing it.

  2. What was the original reason we launched this program or activity? Does that reason still coincide with today’s market, trends and objectives?

  3. Are the words “because that is how we’ve always done it” ever uttered about this program or activity? 

  4. What would happen if we stopped doing this program, activity or providing this service/product?

  5. Assuming this program/product/service is a link to our strategic plan, is there a different way to provide it – breaking the “habit” or pattern in which it is provided?

Looking at your activities through a new lens takes effort, but in most cases, it has big rewards. For example, the last time we reviewed a few of our reports, we learned that they made good sense at one point, but the information was no longer relevant and we were gathering data because it had become a habit and was very important at the time. In most cases, your programs and activities made good sense at one point. But, they became codified based on habit, not necessarily a link to strategy. Or, the strategy has changed.

If you need help getting started, reach out to AOE today!


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