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Are You Strategic, or Habitual?

One of the questions I have found myself frequently asking during the last six months is whether we are operating out of habit, or from a strategic mindset. The question came up a lot as well when we entered year two of pandemic life as it relates to crisis communications. I have asked many clients if their tactics are really stemming from a strategic plan to address a crisis, or if they are simply tactical habits formed as a result of enduring the many decisions we had to make as business owners during the last 18 months. The question is now also popping up as we initiate 2022 planning efforts with our clients. With so many of us experiencing decision fatigue, myself included, we must make a concerted effort to not simply execute a pattern. Are you acting strategically, or out of habit? Are your plans stale?

With an eye toward practicing what we preach, the AOE team gathered in September to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our founding as a PR firm, and to tackle a strategic planning effort. One of our key exercises was re-committing to the core values we hold as integral to our offerings: responsiveness, dedication to the industries we serve, and a collaborative approach to serving our clients. Although our services have greatly expanded, these values—which have been our cornerstone since 2001--are still part of our DNA today. However, while our core values have not changed, our new strategic plan will offer new opportunities for growth—both in terms of services offered and clients we target—and innovative ways to give back to the industries we serve. With a commitment to living up to our name, Advancing Organizational Excellence, we are dedicated to continuing to improve our skillset and delivery for all the services we offer, while still holding our core values as sacred.

As you begin your 2022 plans, invite us to the table (or Zoom call) to brainstorm ways we can integrate proven tactics to advance your organization.

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