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What is an engagement campaign?

What is the objective of an engagement campaign?

An engagement campaign on social media is an effort to involve your followers in your social posts by asking them to participate in some way such as posting a photo or using a specific hashtag. Don't overlook engagement campaigns (sometimes referred to as user-generated contests or UGCs) as they are one of the most important ways to spread your message on social media. For many organizations, employees or members are their best brand ambassadors. Here are some creative ideas for getting them on board with your social strategy with an engagement campaign.

How do you build an engagement campaign?

If you're looking to create an engagement campaign but aren't sure how to get started, check out this engagement campaign example from an AOE client.

AOE recently worked with our client the American Concrete Pipe Association on a fun way to increase engagement among their membership. The “C” Your Pride photo contest was held over a six-week timeframe and worked like this:

  • AOE developed a C Your Pride kit for the ACPA, which included printable copies of their logo in various sizes and brand colors.

  • Members downloaded the kit, printed the logos on cardstock and took pictures of themselves holding the logo on jobsites, with their families, or in unique locations.

  • Images were uploaded via JotForm (so easy!).

  • On social media, the ACPA shared each image submission, along with the #CYourPride hashtag.

  • ACPA Marketing Committee members voted on the weekly winners and prizes were awarded.

Each week, members showed their creativity and got in the spirit of the competition. Some of the award-winning images included an ACPA staff member and her newborn baby, an ACPA member company hosting a plant tour, and a member with his mountain bike inside a box culvert.

The results? It worked! The ACPA increased its following on social media with a growth that hadn’t been seen in months before the campaign. Engagement also increased – meaning more people commented, shared, and liked the ACPA’s posts than in previous months. Ultimately, the ACPA made great strides toward one of their primary strategic goals -- increasing membership engagement.

Additional fun employee engagement ideas
  • Do you have an internal e-newsletter? Dedicate some space for showing social media posts to employees or members, along with links for easy sharing.

  • Have a webinar coming up? Or other information you want to share? Email your executive team with posts and explicit, step-by-step instructions on how to share if your executive team isn’t typically comfortable with creating a post.

  • Utilize new employee orientations. New employees and members have brand-new excitement about the organization. Capture their enthusiasm and encourage them to share the company’s posts on their own social media. During employee or member onboarding, let them know that sharing company information helps elevate their personal brand.

  • Are you taking advantage of your company’s intranet? Create a social media section. Add resources and instructions for topics and social posts.

  • Tag employees or members in your LinkedIn posts to show up in their feeds and increase the post’s exposure.

For more ideas on maximizing your social media message or to discuss your social media strategy, contact AOE.


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