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Gen Z: Breaking the marketing mold

Gen Z – the demographic group succeeding Millennials and preceding Generation Alpha - is the first generation to grow up with the internet easily at their fingertips and social media as a strong influence in day-to-day activities. Members of Gen Z, comprised of those born between the mid to late 1990s and 2010, have a different approach to how they interact, communicate and collaborate. It is key that marketers reconsider their marketing approach because of this demographic’s tendencies, behavior and brand experience.

Gen Z’s influence has changed how B2B brands and marketers need to engage and communicate with their audiences. As the most diverse generation, making up 40 percent of all global consumers, Gen Z typically wants more control of their brand experience. Further, they want to be heard and collaborate in shaping a brand and the impact it has on the world. This is different from previous generations both culturally and economically. Because of this, brands must be more thoughtful and creative when promoting their brand - allowing consumers to co-create, share opinions and grow in influence - in order to benefit their consumers and not just themselves.

How do brands implement co-creation and are influenced from consumers? Successful consumer-brand co-creation campaigns start with getting the consumer involved. Sourcing product ideas (social media surveys), using feedback from existing and previous customers and launching campaigns with popular influencers or celebrities is a sure way to promote co-creation for a brand.

Brands need to start becoming creative and design thoughtful and engaging opportunities that encourage long term partnerships with the community.

Interested in an evaluation of how your brand resonates with the Gen Z population, both as potential clients and employees? Contact AOE today!


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