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Great Virtual Events to Try in 2022: The Follow-Up Experience

In the first two parts of this series, we shared how events have changed over the past several years, the current event trends and the customer journey and ten great virtual events to try.

Follow up is an experience after an experience. It’s taking someone from awareness to a different stage based upon their readiness. In a webinar hosted by ON24, panelists provided some follow-up formats that are great for customers who may have engaged with you once or twice. They're clearly interested but you don't know how much. These formats include:

  • Workshops in which presenters interact with the audience in real time because they were able to focus on their questions, not on the content that they were delivering. That encourages the audience to submit more questions and comments and get more specific and detailed because they know that the presenters are there on the ready. A physical workbook can accompany the workshop to merge digital and physical worlds. When you're trying to ensure that your audience is capturing the information and they're really able to learn and follow along this format is ideal.

  • Roadshows, while virtual, can still be local. You can hold events for specific cities providing a group chat and networking opportunities during it. Addressing them regionally, bringing in regional providers and thinking about what is locally available will lead to success. This format can be easily adjusted to repeat in other cities with the core content remaining the same.

  • Offering swag where the audience can virtually pick up swag from the table. This can be done simply by embedding a URL to a landing page, through a direct mail provider or by emailing a form they can fill out.

Events aren't necessarily digital because we made them digital, they're digital because that's where customers are. Design experiences, whether they're digital or not, that will engage your customers, in the format and context that they want, and you will see great results as you guide them through their journey to becoming a loyal customer and advocate.

The AOE Event Services team plans more than 100 events per year. Let us know how we can help with your next meeting, conference, webinar or other event!

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