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How to choose the right event venue

There are many steps when it comes to planning an event but choosing the right venue is a crucial step in the planning process that requires careful consideration. The venue sets the stage for your event, influencing everything from ambiance to logistics. So, what factors should you consider when selecting the perfect venue?

The first step is defining your event needs. Before you even begin your search process, you must have a clear understanding of the event’s purpose, size, and the requirements. Will you have 100 people or 1,000 people? Will you need 15 meeting rooms or 25 meeting rooms? Will you have exhibitors and need an exhibit hall, and if so, how many square feet will you need in exhibit space? Determining these specific needs will guide you in the right direction of where to look and help you narrow down your venue options.

Once you have outlined your event needs, the next step is creating your budget. You will need to consider any venue rental fees but also keep in mind additional costs such as catering, audio visual rental and decor. Your budget will influence the type of venue you should target, so it’s important that this is determined prior to beginning your search for a venue.

Once you have defined your event needs and budget, you will want to focus on location. Consider the geographical location of your target audience and try to find a venue that is easily accessible to your attendees. Having an airport close by as well as public transportation provides the convenience to your attendees and encourages higher attendance rates. A venue that is surrounded by local amenities such as hotels, restaurants and shops can enrich the experience of your attendees and enhance their overall satisfaction.

After you have determined your event needs, budget and location, there are a handful of other factors to consider when evaluating potential venues:

Venue layout: Envision how you intend to utilize the space and ask yourself:

  • How will traffic flow throughout your event?

  • Is there sufficient space for informal mingling?

  • How long is the walk from one meeting room to another?

  • Are there any columns that would disrupt a meeting setup?

  • Where are emergency exits located?

  • What is the best location for registration?

Access to Wi-Fi: In today’s modern era, it is imperative that the venue has strong internet access throughout the entire space.

Parking: If your event is local, you must make sure parking is available to your attendees. If parking is not an option on-site, is there a parking lot near by that you could reserve for your attendees? Remember, convenience is key to your attendees, so they should be aware of parking information prior to coming to the event.  

Insurance: Certain venues may require specific insurance coverage. Make sure to discuss with the venue about the necessary insurance type.

Flexible contract terms: Make sure that the venue contract terms are discussed and in your favor if something were to happen such as force majeure.  

Selecting the perfect venue is undeniably a significant undertaking. It serves as the cornerstone of your event, shaping the overall success. Opting for a venue that fails to align with your event’s requirements can affect the success of your event. Make sure to devote ample time and attention when it comes to researching your next venue. If you are not sure where to start, let us know and we can guide you down the right path to the perfect venue!


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