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The Roadmap to carbon neutrality is official!

The news is out - America’s cement manufacturers have committed to the goal of reaching carbon neutrality throughout the cement-concrete-construction value chain by 2050. We are excited to see such a great commitment across the board by the cement and concrete industry. Together, they have developed PCA’s Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality, outlining the opportunities and actions to reach carbon neutrality. What is so important about this is that the Roadmap involves the entire value chain, starting at the cement plant and extending through the entire life cycle of the built environment. It’s great to see how this involves relationships at each step of the value chain, showing that this industry can truly address climate concerns.

Part of this action is the realization that the cement and concrete industry cannot do this alone. Collaboration with industry and private partners is the only way to achieve the solutions that the Roadmap outlines. The plan recognizes that our world is interconnected so we must work together to bring down CO2 emissions from all sources. With this Roadmap, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions all have a role along with the cement and concrete industries. It’s only through collaboration that carbon neutrality can be achieved across the value chain.

Take some time and read through the Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality. They’ve looked into every angle – it’s not just the typical targets and timelines. The plan includes the necessary policies, market innovations, regulatory refinements and funding requirements to make it work. It’s a well thought-out and researched plan. One that we hope everyone in the cement and concrete industry will embrace.

If you need help communicating your own commitment to carbon neutrality, let us know and we can help you express your company’s dedication to the Roadmap.


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