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Three important steps to make your events more sustainable

Nowadays, planning events goes far beyond assembling schedules and booking venues. Today, it involves a critical examination of our environmental impact and a commitment to sustainable practices. With heightened awareness surrounding our global and carbon footprint, it’s important to conduct a 360-degree assessment to ensure your events align with principles of sustainability. To establish a comprehensive perspective on sustainability, you must ensure that every individual involved in organizing the event prioritizes your impact the process. Based on an article from Associations Now, below are three important first steps to guide you toward hosting a sustainable event. 

Selecting sustainability-ready destinations

The first step is selecting destinations that share a commitment to sustainability. Such destinations offer a platform to align organizational values with tangible actions, ensuring events are conducted in a manner that minimizes environmental impact and fosters social responsibility. Choosing sustainability-ready destinations exemplifies a proactive approach towards fostering positive environmental and social impacts. Not sure where to start? Reach out to Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and inquire about sustainability offerings within their destination.

Vetting suppliers

Sustainable events rely on partnerships with vendors who share the same values. Thoroughly review your list of vendors and have the conversation about your sustainability goals and objectives to see if they align. Vetting vendors allows organizers to foster long-term relationships with like-minded partners, creating a network of suppliers who share a commitment to sustainability.

Collaborating with the host city

Once you have chosen your sustainability-ready destination and vetted your supplier list, you’ve set the stage for an event with minimal environmental impact. Now, entrust your host city to guide you further in the right direction. Rely on the DMO as they excel in assembling all the necessary components for a successful event.

Achieving sustainability in events requires a comprehensive approach. By prioritizing sustainability-ready destinations, vetting suppliers, and collaborating with host cities, organizers can pave the way for sustainable events that resonate with participants and uphold organizational values.

Contact AOE for to find out more on how we can help make your events more sustainable!


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